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Get Involved

The BECC has various ways you can be involved in the Council and make a difference in our community.

Board of Directors

We have a strong membership of leaders in our Board of Directors. They are directly responsible for business operation and strategic planning for our Council.

These Board members are a close community and develop not only great programs, but also great relationships with each other and the community at large with their involvement. 


Board of Directors Member Application  |  Board of Directors Job Description

Finance Committee

The programs and significant work we do cannot be completed without strong oversight and guidance on our budgeting and financial processes. This is a critical role as we seek to maintain accountability, transparency, and sustainability through our finances. As a committee member, you meet once per month (typically online) and support the Treasurer with quarterly reports to the Board at large.  


Finance Committee Member Application  Finance Committee Job Description

Fundraising Committee

Our overall goals of each program is to ensure that ALL Broomfield residents have equal access and opportunity for these programs. We wish to not seek payment for any services, classes, or community supports. We need help from our community to support this work with generous giving campaigns and event to increase our ability to provide these high quality services at NO CHARGE! The Fundraising Committee is a fun group that engage in creativity to find events, activities and networks to develop a strong community base with donations and giving. This committee is more interactive and will work about five hours per month. 

Fundraising Committee Member Application  |  Fundraising Committee Job Description

BECC Partner

As a BECC Partner, you will receive updates on the activities of the Council and attend the quarterly BECC meeting which showcases different interesting presentations that have an impact on early childhood and the building a comprehensive system of care in Broomfield for families and children.  This is an opportunity to be involved, enhance your understanding of early childhood programs and issues, and build your network!

Donate to Support Programs & Providers

BECC is a 501c3 nonprofit. Help us make a difference in the community - DONATE!

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