Community Plan, Strategies & Annual Reports

BECC has worked to create programs, projects, and procedures that will best fit the needs of Broomfield children, parents and providers.  A community needs assessment was created with the support of Heather Jane Matthews, LLC, our Data and Evaluation Consultant and an Advisory Committee.  (*Report on Community Engagement with Needs Assessment).

The Community Plan (coming soon!) was forged based on this data and several conversations with key community stakeholders to ensure that we are collaborating efficiently, leveraging existing resources and maximizing dollars to support early childhood health and education. 

Currently, BECC is working with the Steering Committee to ensure the activities and programs are sound, aligned and supported by the community. 

We know how to move forward into the future by memorializing our past. Please see what we've done through our Annual Reports, click here.

Annual Reports


Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment Engagement


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